At Blue Coding we specialize in hiring amazing developers. Through our work we help companies, both large and small, build great development teams and develop great products. Our team of over 30, is distributed in more than 10 countries across the Americas. Our clients include online retailers, digital agencies, SaaS companies and software consultancies.

Descripción del cargo

We are looking for experienced Android Developer with a love for Kotlin. Someone who can follow instructions, fast learner and experience with producing stuff from scratch, team player and very creative.Role details:

  • Collaborate closely with our designers and engineers to create and improve existing features.
  • Use of your skills and learning more as the product & platform evolve
  • Keep the codebase modern and easy-to-work through continuous refactoring, testing and up-to-date documentation through continuous refactoring, testing and up-to-date documentation

Job Details

Remote40 hrs a week (EST)US$23 - US$25 per hour

Our Requirements

  • 100% English fluent.
  • 5+ years of professional experience working on Android.
  • Strong knowledge of Android performance tools and optimization techniques.
  • Experience with Kotlin.
  • Experience using Dagger 2 in a large, multi-module application.
  • Experience with RxJava2 and async frameworks like kotlin.coroutines
  • Experience in designing solid & testable components.

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At Blue Coding we have talented and experienced developers ready to join your team. Our efficient process allows us to help you get new team members working on your project in no time. — Perfil completo de Blue Coding

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