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Python Developer en Gourmet Growth


New York (Estados Unidos) o remoto — Full time


Sueldo líquido: $5300 - 6000 USD/mes

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Gourmet Growth is taking a tech driven approach to small business financing. Growing brands typically seek funding from banks or equity investors which requires personal guarantees, blanket asset liens, loan minimums or loan maximums, inflexible terms, equity dilution, and a long approval process.

We are building a platform that does away with all of these restrictions. By integrating with existing finance and supply chain APIs, we are able to make fast decisions and give businesses as much funding as their need to fulfill orders and grow their business.

We are are small team head quartered in New York City with customers all over the USA. We already use remote developers and designers so we understand the challenges and the benefits of working with a remote team.

The team has extensive experience in the finance, banking, supply chain and risk management industries. The CTO has 6 years of experience managing and growing small, fast moving teams.

Job requirements

Our stack is built on:

  • Python 3.7
  • Django 2.1
  • React

You should know Python very well. You should have extensive experience in backend frameworks, API building, and dev ops. We would prefer candidates with experience with data libraries such as pandas, numpy sklearn.

Frontend experience is a nice to have but not required.

Most importantly, we require that the candidate communicates well in English, both written and spoken. The team here does not speak languages other than English and the systems we need to build require a lot of complex background knowledge. We require that they have had experience working in remote teams.


We will pay for a co-working space near you. You will have to manage your own health coverage. The schedule is flexible and as is vacation policy.

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Acerca de Gourmet Growth

Gourmet Growth provides a unique, sustainable, and independent funding solution. Uniquely, we do not have a minimum or maximum size requirement and we do not require any personal guarantees or liens. — Perfil completo de Gourmet Growth

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