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AutopilotReviews is a small company, with a small remote team, working from locations like California, France, Philippines, Canada, Dominican Republic and Chile.

We are a fun group of people, slowly growing and always enjoying the many different challenges that we face every day.

Our business is to develop and sell online reputation management and online marketing saas tools, for SMBs in the US.

Join us in our big remote adventure!

Job description

Initially, the job will be pretty simple, mostly resolving things for support, with the help of the person who is currently in charge of the infrastructure and code.

It will then progress to additionally including being in charge of the servers and DBs as well as developing new features.

The main code is written in ruby, using rails. There is quite a bit of coffeescript and javascript as well as css, haml and erb.

The workload will initially be between 10-20 hours per week (40-80 hours per month) and could expand to 40+ hours/week.

Qualifications and requirements

You should feel very comfortable writing and running/maintaining web applications written using ruby on rails, including front end code written in haml, css, javascript, coffeescript.

Additionally you must have experience setting up nginx as a reverse proxy as well as performing routine checks and updates on linux servers.

Ideally you should have experience deploying with capistrano to AWS servers using RDS for DBs.


  • Remote work
  • Nobody checks your schedule, only your results

Política de trabajo remoto

Totalmente remoto

El trabajo es permanentemente remoto desde cualquier ubicación del mundo.

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