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Content Strategist Semi Senior

Full time en Mx mini Ciudad de México (México)

Sueldo líquido: $900 - 1100 USD/mes
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We want to change the way people work in Latin America. 

The Human Resources industry is served by age-old software that is old, expensive and far from user friendly. Runa, born from Silicon Valley, offers a much more modern, intuitive and efficient solution. By building our software 100% cloud-based, we completely change the paradigm, offering a far superior solution at a fraction of the cost. 

We have built an A-class team consisting of driven entrepreneurs and experienced professionals who believe in our mission. Collectively we hold 25+ years of experience in the region and myriad of degrees (BS, BA, MBA, MA, PhD, etc.) from established universities including Stanford, Harvard and Columbia. 

Our vision is grand. In 5 years, we will be in 15 countries serving 10,000 companies. We seek motivated entrepreneurs who want to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and help us change the status quo. 

Job Description


  • Creative Firepower - You are a creative thinker who has developed a voice previously. You know how to develop voice and tone, but also how to expand it to various interfaces: blog, help center, social media, brochures and posters, etc.

  • Management and Mentorship - This is a management position, which means you will be responsible for leading a small team of writers. Ideally, you will have experience as a leader and have the passion to support and grow the team.

  • Strategic Planning - You can receive a set of objectives and a team to deliver on those objectives on a monthly basis. You deliver on time. You get the job done. 

  • Social Media Chops - You must have a solid understanding of how to create digital content that is interesting and provoking but that also meets the business goals of SEO optimization. 

  • Teamwork - This candidate should have experience working with outside production departments and freelance resources. He or she can rally people around ideas and is skilled at selling through key stakeholder concepts.


  • 2-4 years experience working as a writer at ad agency, tech company, brand consultancy, strategic marketing agency, product design firm, or similar field.

  • Interest in technology and an understanding of the media and advertising ecosystem.

  • Portfolio of work showcasing original writing as well as edited work.

  • Excellence in communication, organization, prioritization and attention to detail.

  • Ability to balance short-term and long-term strategic initiatives, and work within tight deadlines.

  • A great attitude.


  • Develop a conversational tone of voice for the brand. We report a lot to  Mailchimp - casual and informal, informed but not too smart, delightful but not too silly.

  • Work with our HR experts to write articles on HR topics such as payroll, employee onboarding and management, time tracking and vacation tracking. 

  • Manage the team of content writers to produce thousands of articles per month. Content that is interesting and offers solutions to searched problems. Short, snappy and helpful is our goal.

  • Work with our SEO lead to ensure content creation that meets keyword needs and indexes in search results for attracting traffic. 

Job Benefits


  • Young, fun work culture
  • Flexible work hours and remote work days
  • Very flat organizational structure, no hierarchy
  • Bonuses based on performance
  • Technology supported growth
  • Opportunities for advanced learning and workshops

Acerca de Runa HR

Runa ofrece una solución completa de software de recursos humanos basada en la nube que ha sido diseñada y construida para empresas de tamaño pequeño a mediano en Latinoamérica. — Perfil completo de Runa HR