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Technical Business Analyst Semi Senior

Full time en Mx mini Ciudad de México (México)

Bquate is a Digital Music Startup with operations in Mexico, Peru, Colombia and United States of America. 

Bquate is a one stop shop that brings innovation & transparency back to the music industry. It offers digital distribution, YouTube Monetization, cloud-based solutions of marketing, royalty collection, data & analytics; all in one place. Bquate helps artists and labels of all sizes to take data-driven decisions, to collect their digital revenues and to have profitable projects.

Is an integral solution of music professionals & content creators.



Bquate platform is simple, intuitive and beautifully designed. Its friendly interface helps artists and labels to make their music available to the world in 5 easy steps and 48 hours.

Transparency & Control:

We give out artists and labels, access to their own dashboard; so they can see their sales results, analytics, performance in the platforms, key markets, finance information, and data; anytime.

Technical Business Analyst

The Technical Business Analyst will be part of the technology team, which works towards development of next generation technology solutions with focus on digital innovation for music entertainment industry.

Job Level and Position Scope

This is a full time, mid-level to senior-level position. 7 years of total experience minimum required.

Job Description

  • 2+ years of experience in collecting requirements from business, documentation, organizing and translating into technical requirements.
  • 4+ years’ work experience in systems development. Experience in web development is a must.
  • Experience in testing, test care preparation, execution and defects management.
  • Experience in working with business teams and Development teams.
  • Knowledge of relevant technology concepts (Web Systems – php, .net, java. Node.js etc)
  • Must have a solid working knowledge of analytics concepts (e.g. reporting, querying software, OLAP, spreadsheets, dashboards, and data mining)
  • Strong communication skills, including prioritizing, problem-solving and interpersonal relationship building
  • Proven time management cum organization skills (must be able to prioritize workload and meet deadlines)

Primary Responsibilities

  • Requirement collection from CEO, CDO, CTO, Business Heads, CFO, Customer Operations head and converting them to technical requirements.
  • Quality assurance of vendor delivered sprints. Test case preparation, test execution, Defect management and Traceability matrix.
  • Working with design, branding and development teams in India & Mexico ensuring appropriate requirement communication, clarification etc.
  • Business reporting, use cases.


You will work in an incredible workspace. We have a beautiful view from our office; the common space is a place where you can relax and feel very comfortable.

This job is a full-time position

Also, you will have:

  • 15 days of vacations a year
  • 25% of salary as “Prima vacacional”
  • 15 days of salary in December (as aguinaldo) (in addition to the existing salary)
  • All the benefits and conditions stablished by the mexican labor law
  • Location: Mexico City, Mexico. 

Acerca de Bquate

Bquate is a one stop shop that brings innovation & transparency back to the music industry. — Perfil completo de Bquate