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Mawi is an startups that aims to help thousands of construction companies to be more profitable though technology and digitalization. Our company is full of people committed with the mission we have ahead of us.

At Mawi, we believe in the power of technology as a transformer of economies, but we also understand its role in helping companies become more efficient in their processes.
Mawi is customer centrist, this means that we value the needs of the customer, and the decisions and actions we take are aimed at improving the lives of our users. No one is ahead of the team. The people at Mawi have a collective consciousness that drives us all to push towards the same goal.

Expected Outcomes

This position involves developing and enhancing our software, focusing on performance and scalability using Ruby on Rails. The person in this role will work closely with both our development team, product, operational team to integrate new functionalities and improve existing ones.
Key responsibilities include:
  • Designing and implementing new features and functionalities.
  • Integrating third-party APIs to enhance our platform.
  • Assisting in automating our deployment processes.
  • Improving current manual tests and adding unit tests to ensure software quality.
Success in this role will be measured by:
  • Effective and timely delivery of software updates and features.
  • The smooth integration of APIs and automation tools.
  • Improvement in software testing, resulting in fewer bugs and issues.
  • Positive feedback from team members on collaboration and problem-solving skills.
  • This role is crucial for advancing our software's capabilities and ensuring it meets the growing needs of our clients in the construction industry.

Qualifications and requirements

For the position we are hiring for, we are looking for someone who knows Ruby on Rails well and has a strong set of skills and experiences that match our platform's needs at Mawi. The ideal candidate should work well in a team, helping and learning from others. We look for Team Players.

We expect the candidate to be good at solving problems, adaptations to changes quickly and to have experience in creating efficient and scalable software with Ruby on Rails. It's important to have experience with integrating APIs and automating software deployment.
Good writing skills are also essential for documenting work and communicating clearly with our team. Being able to give and receive feedback well is important for improving and adapting to new challenges.
Paying attention to details is crucial as it affects the quality of the software we build, also because we believe in autonomy. We appreciate candidates who can spot ways to improve and are proactive in suggesting and implementing new solutions.
Overall, we are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about using technology to make a difference in the construction industry, someone who is ready to face the challenges of rapid technological change and happy to work on a Startup.


At Mawi the professional challenge we have and the impact we can do is what makes an attractive place to work. We also help with professional curses or education that can help the individual to grow. Finally, we provide a set of flexible vacation days and flexible schedule, 100% remote.

Horario flexible Entrada y salida flexibles, libertad para realizar trámites personales o familiares.
Vestimenta informal Mawi no exige ningún código de vestimenta.
Vacaciones extra Mawi otorga vacaciones pagadas adicionales al mínimo legal.

Política de trabajo remoto

Remoto sólo localmente

El trabajo es 100% remoto, pero los candidatos deben residir en Sudamérica, Guatemala, México, Costa Rica o El Salvador para postular.

Acerca de Mawi

awi is a startup that is looking to help thousands of construction companies in LATAM become financially and operationally more effective and profitable, through technology that is not only efficient but also easy to adopt and apply. — Perfil completo de Mawi

Ruby on Rails Developer
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