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Matilda Explorations is a community of the best software engineers in Latam. We are long term thinkers and company builders.

We connect each member of our community to technology companies in the US that best align with their passions and who would benefit most from their expertise. Our members are not freelancers jumping from one project to the next. They look to partner and participate in the long term. Our goal is for engineers to become part of the company's team, building the company together.

(Please apply in English)

Job functions

You will write cutting edge Rust code for one of the most advanced blockchain companies in Silicon Valley.
The team is distributed, and is looking for engineers in LatAm

Qualifications and requirements

- Experience with Rust. We would love to see code examples (Github, etc)

- If you don't have experience with Rust, but have experience with other strong type languages (same here: we would need to see code examples)

- Interest in blockchain a plus, but not required.

Desirable skills

Desirable: Other strongly typed languages
Optional plus: Zcash or other blockchain technologies


Full time, best in class, competitive pay.

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