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Our team of analysts, software engineers, designers, support staff, marketers and data scientists work together and use the latest technologies and methodologies to implement a successful project.

Sobre nosotros

We are a team of engineers, designers, business analysts and data scientists creating products focused on helping governments and companies to become more agile and connected with their markets through the use of Cloud, Mobile and Big Data Technologies.

Our company was founded in 2006, by a team of Tec de Monterrey’s graduate students, a leading Latin American University. Ensitech’s founders were recognized among the Top 100 Northeast Mexico Entrepreneurs.

Innovation has been part of our DNA since our first days, and so we have been creating our own products as well as helping our customer’s with their most challenging projects. Our software runs Live TV shows as well as industrial processes.

As much as we strive to innovate, we also believe in processes and continous improvement as a way to ensure quality and predictability in our products. Over the years we have nurtured a strong project management culture and have been appraised as a CMMI-Dev/3 company.

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